Graduate Fashion Week is a Charity that supports the promotion of graduates work from fashion and design areas and their employability of more than 60 Universities from across the world. 

Our aim is to work with Universities as well as industry and recruiters to ensure there are suitable platforms for recruiting young graduates as supporting their employability. 

Do you have a job that you'd like to advertise? Here at Graduate Fashion Week we pride ourselves on connecting graduates with industry. If you have an opportunity that would be perfect for a graduate, fill out the form below, and we will advertise it for you, for free. Within 3 days your job will be posted online, and kept on our website until it expires. Whether it's an internship, full time job or freelance opportunity, make sure to fill out all boxes below. 



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National Minimum Wage

Graduate Fashion Week can only support opportunities, which are PAID at national Minimum Wage or are part of the accredited requirement for the student’s degree (student will receive credits upon successful completion)

For more information on the current NMW rate click here. By promoting your opportunity you are agreeing to cooperate with these guidelines.

Health and Safety

As an employer you have primary responsibility for ensuring the health & safety of this student whilst on work placement.

As an employer you are also required to have Employers Liability Insurance before offering work placement / internship Employers’ liability insurance is a legal requirement for any business which has one or more employees. Incorporating it into a single business policy along with your public liability and any additional covers can reduce the overall cost and make your business insurance easier to manage. You can find more info about young people at work here