For when a quick internet search just isn’t cutting it.

Everyone knows the stress of trying to find an internship, of going up against other graduates, to secure a place with a prestigious name so that you can continue learning whilst you take the first steps into the industry.

The first place to start is to write one really good email, specific but also vague enough to be appropriate to several positions. If you send this out to all the places you’re hoping to get an internship at, you’ll save time, and you’ll be sure that you’ve definitely sent the best possible representation of yourself to potential employers!

If you’re looking to find an internship, check out these five unusual searching spots!

  1. Instagram is a goldmine for collaborations and job opportunities. Loads of companies will only want to employ those that already engage with them, so following your favourites on instagram can give you more than just inspiration! Search through tags, such as ‘fashion internship’ to find positions!

  2. In newspapers. Whilst this may not be the most appropriate place to look if your dream job is in, say, social media, newspapers can be gems of info and not many people think to look there. For example, The Times recently published a list of the top one hundred graduate employers, and these lists are worth keeping an eye on.

  3. Sign up to intern avenue so that you get email reminders when positions come up in your area. It is specifically for graduate positions, so you won’t waste time applying for placements that aren’t appropriate to your academic history!

  4. Speak to your university careers department, they often have impressive contacts, and most importantly, they want you to do really well!

  5. Always email a company even if they aren’t advertising, often companies don’t advertise, but they’ll appreciate someone that takes the initiative to inquire. Specificity is the most important thing- research into the area you want to pursue, and then get in contact with companies that you know do that.

When emailing, email the most relevant person, rather than a general email address. If they can, they’ll help you find an internship and be the best person to do so! On the other hand, a physical copy of a letter demonstrates that you’re willing to put more effort in, and suggests that you’re applying to businesses with genuine intent and interest in being part of what they do. It’s a more creative and personal way to apply for internships, and companies can really appreciate that!

Remember, keep emails short, precise and clear in what you want, and be friendly! If you know your market, it’ll be easier to find smaller companies that are more likely to respond to your emails, and can be a great leaping off point for bigger players in the industry.