Of the many applicants that will have applied for your dream job, you have been one of the few selected for interview. Now is the time to think about how you prepare for your interview to give yourself the best chance for success.

• Do your homework, not just what the company does, but where the company is going.

• Who are you meeting? Most interview confirmations will give you a name and a job title. Take a look at the interviewer’s profile on Linked In so that you can learn more about them and their backgrounds.

• Plan possible questions and responses. Review the role specification in detail and think about the questions that may be asked to demonstrate the skills and qualities required.

• What questions will you ask at the interview? This is a time for you to find out about your employer and company, what information do you need to know that will help you make your decision as to if this is the right role for you? Have you been given information on benefits, career development, next steps and timeframes for the recruitment process? What is it like to work there? 

• Have all your key documents ready. Do the company need you to take anything? Take a copy of the job description you are being interviewed for, and a copy of your CV along with a portfolio if that is required. Make sure you know your CV inside out, don’t assume the interviewer will be familiar with your company or brands, so again have a quick bite sized summary of who you have worked for and what they do, so you can help them understand your role.

• Also handy is a notebook and pen to make a note of any key items you may want to remember or refer to later. Taking notes also shows interest!

• What will you wear? Your appearance at an interview is important, make sure you are well groomed and smart.

• Turn up on time. Ideally turn up a bit early to know where you need to be, be polite to everyone from reception and security and definitely to the interviewer.

• Relax and be yourself. Take a few deep breaths and be confident that you have done all your preparation and you are ready. Good luck!


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Text courtesy of Drapersjobs.com