Looking for somewhere to get your latest work featured?

Media and fashion are two industries that go hand in hand. Being recognised by a renowned publication is a clear indication of success, but getting there isn’t always easy. It’s important to put your projects out in several ways, so we’ve composed a list of five magazines that support emerging creatives, to help you share those graduate projects around, and get the recognition you deserve!


Bricks Magazine

Bricks magazine describe themselves as “a platform for emerging creatives in art and fashion”, and take pride in crediting the work of every individual involved in creating their content. Based in the UK, their progressive political stance and unusual pop aesthetic make them press full of opportunity. Contact them here. submissions@bricksmagazine.co.uk


IntoIT Magazine

IntoIT Magazine are an image based high fashion platform- perfect for photographers or stylists that communicate best through visuals. They’re always looking to collaborate, and can be contacted here collab@intoit-magazine.com.


Sleek Magazine

Sleek Magazine, firstly, only accept submissions to their online media. However, they post almost daily, so this greatly heightens the chances of being featured! Sleek is a magazine that lends itself to many elements of the fashion industry- they are an ‘art magazine in the widest sense’. This means that whatever part of fashion you study and work in, whether it be design, illustration or communication, there may be space for your creative endeavours. Submit your work here. submissions@sleekmag.com


Jungle Magazine

Jungle Magazine are an online and print fashion and culture magazine based in London. Their focus on creative freedom makes them a great place to submit work for the first time, and they are “always interested in collaborating with new creatives”. Get in touch with them here. pr@jungle-magazine.co.uk



MOD magazine are primarily focussed on bridging gaps in the fashion industry, by “showcasing the most talented artists of the emerging fashion community”. The magazine has an accessible tone and a glossy feel, so if this emulates your style, submit editorials here.  submit@mod-mag.com


Remember, when submitting your work, patience is an absolute virtue. If you receive no response, then sending a follow up email can put your submission at the top of an inbox, but generally, chill out a little. Magazines all have different aesthetics and styles, so ensure your work coheres with the publications visual identity, and you’ll be away! Don't forget that Graduate Fashion Week are always looking for creatives to contribute to our blog and advice pages! Email editor@graduatefashionweek.com if you think you have what it takes! Now it looks like you’ve got some emails to send!