Want to Work In Fashion But Don’t Fancy London Living?

Try One Of These Exciting Cities Instead!

It's common after graduation for young people to move to London in aid of achieving their ultimate career goals. Whilst the eclectic capital has an array of options for those interested in pursuing fashion, it is not the only place to be for success, if you aren't feeling the high rents and crowded tube. The late night takeaway options may not be as varied, but these five places could be your land of opportunity, proving that fashion jobs are everywhere.


With the only green MP in Britain, and a penchant for the unusual, Brighton is a great place to move too- it’s proximity to London means you can get the benefits of the capitals work opportunities, but avoid the smoggy air. It also has an incredible selection of vintage shops, to get your hands stuck into on the weekends.


Berlin has become one of Europe’s hot spots for young creatives that can’t pursue their own projects under the pressure of high rents. It’s desirable nightlife and Germany’s alluring culture makes it a good place to move to in pursuit of a creative career. Fashion journalism can often be completed remotely, as can other areas of the industry, so maybe add Berlin to that list of possible options for you after you’ve thrown that cap in the air.


Leeds used to be one of the most important cities for the manufacturing of clothes throughout the 20th century and more recently the city has focused on getting back to its roots. In 1996, Harvey Nichols chose Leeds as the location for their first store outside of London and several independent brands have launched there, including Accent and The Hip Store. Its strong underground jazz scene and supportive attitude towards emerging designers makes it a good, albeit cold, place to start a career in design.

New York

Now New York is of course really far away- but wait, don’t write it off as an impossibility. If you’re looking for an adventure, an exciting change in your life to could give your work an edge, then look no further than New York City. It’s home to numerous PR companies, Man Repeller, and is always enabling startups to appear and thrive. It may be the place to go for a summer, to gain experience through internship options just not available anywhere else, with Calvin Klein, Vera Wang or Valentino.


Bristol has a thriving creative community, especially in textiles. Its progressive political stance and welcoming attitude make it the best place to be if you’re thinking of going to the west country. There are several studio spaces around so that you can shape your own personal part of Bristol and work alongside other startups or interesting characters. Alongside opportunities for young entrepreneurs, there are several established PR and social media based companies...it’s a place to help you figure out which element of fashion you’re heading into!