To snag that elusive and sought-after fashion job, stack the odds in your favour by getting as much hands-on work experience as you can. Beg, steal and borrow contacts to get a foot in the door.

Many roles, such as highly desirable London fashion jobs, go to super-keen and hard-working individuals who are fortunate enough to make the right connections to show their skills and impress.


A work experience placement is a great way to make contacts and learn practical skills in your chosen area. A foot in the door is the first step, once you secure a placement; you have the chance to convert the opportunity to a job in fashion. Make sure you perform, listen clearly to what is required of you in the role and deliver.

Don’t feel like you have to fit into a certain image – your perception of what is required may be off the mark. Be yourself and if an employer sees the raw materials in you that they are looking for, you stand a good chance. Remember to maintain a professional attitude at all times.

Attention to detail is important in fashion, this and strong organisation skills are prized attributes in the fashion industry.


Whilst the vast majority of the time in a fashion job will be spent working hard, the outwardly glossy industry presents occasions to play hard too. See these events from a career perspective though, and fashion industry parties, PR events and product launches present excellent opportunities to network contacts that may well lead to your next step on the career ladder.

Effective networking can be daunting to the uninitiated, but take the plunge and the rewards for your fashion career can be excellent.


• First things, first – get out there. Research and select events where you think there will be people present you may want to work with.

• Prior preparation, put thought into your appearance and how you present yourself. Think about how you will answer key questions and come up with some openers to engage conversation such as “So what do you do?”

• Elevator pitch, following on from the point above, give some prior thought to your “elevator pitch”: a personal ‘sales pitch’ of one or two sentences that sums up what you do, where you are now, and where you want to go. This may sound daunting at first but if you give it some careful thought you will be able to distil it down appropriately.

• Practice patience and persistence! Making that next step will not happen overnight, it will take many events and a good deal of hard work – but that shouldn’t be a problem, you work in fashion after all!

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