When graduating, it can be disheartening to send out several well thought out emails, and receive nothing in response. To make sure that your CV genuinely does stand out from others, it is important to ensure that a CV represents your whole self, meaning both academic successes and that personal project you spend every evening immersed in.

Firstly, use social media to your advantage. Often the internet and social networking is criticised for being so easy to manipulate, but this is where you can turn that into a positive thing. Be aware of how you use Facebook and Instagram and ensure you’re putting out the image you want too.

Constructing a personal brand, and presence on social media can help to demonstrate a variety of skills that employers recognise- potential employers look for the best person suited to the job in several senses, from investing your personal time in causes they find important, to representing a social ethos that appeals to them. Make sure to include protests you’ve been too that were important to you, or volunteer experiences that have altered your perspective.

Technology and the internet is a relatively new industry, full of potential. If your skills and certificates lie primarily in creative subjects, teach yourself tech based skills through courses online. This demonstrates initiative and that you’re able to self motivate and direct. If you cannot sew, or use a camera well- learn how too. There are endless classes and books available in most cities, and a quick search online will help you find communities to support your learning experience.

Most importantly, make sure your CV is true. It is considered common practise to elaborate on your CV, but make sure you do not cross the line between embellishment and downright lying. It may help you get a job or get noticed, but eventually you’ll have to back up what you’ve said, and this can lead to some very awkward situations that it may be very difficult to recover from.

Now get to work and start applying for jobs with your perfect, stand out CV!