Last week, we released our 2019 Talent of Tomorrow shoot, featuring the work of students from around the country, 7 influencers, and two models.

This year was the first time we got to involve final year graduates within the making of the campaign shoot. Following submissions from tutors, we worked with our photographer, Erika Astrid and stylist Jennifer Mertens to select eleven talented students to help create content.  They are listed below; 

Nicholas Kristiansen, Lead Photographer Assistant - Falmouth University
Claire Younger, Street Style Photographer - Solent University 
Emilie Risi, Behind The Scenes Photographer - Brighton University
Llinos Peters, Videographer - Manchester Fashion Institute 
Katie Richardson, Videographer - Manchester Fashion Institute
Ethan Lagman, Creative Direction Assistant - Norwich College of Arts
Marta Zaremba, Stylist Assistant - Norwich College of Arts
Jessica Hartrey, Stylist Assistant - Solent University 
Lucy Ryan, Make Up Assistant - Solent University
Ella Passley, Hair Assistant - Solent University
Nishan Greyson, Hair Assistant - Solent University

See more content from the shoot below!