With over 150 years of experience and tradition teaching within the Art and Design spheres UCA’s reputation speaks for itself. Their fashion courses have an international reputation, yielding award-winning designers and makers. UCA is renowned for producing highly-individual practitioners able to work at all levels in the fashion industries, from traditional cloth-making to cutting-edge fashion promotion and marketing.

The catwalk began with Gabriela Ratomskaja, the models walked in pairs to very dramatic music that caused in instant change in atmosphere, onlookers enraptured with the innovative designs. The models demonstrated the varying uses of the garments, inspired by societal issues with a focus on functionality, with sections transforming into a tent mid catwalk. This revelation was met with rapturous applause and whistles. The pared down styling of the hair and makeup complimented the distinct collections being presented. The wide variety music was directly representative of each collection on display, keeping the audience engaged.  All of the graduate collections showed an impressive accumulation of skills representative of the UCA Rochester reputation. 


Words by Katy Wolfe

Photography by Becky Mukerji