UCA Epsom took to the Clark’s Catwalk Hall, to share the university’s sustainable, 1970s inspired, powerful pieces.

As the audience was being seated, a huge map was projected onto the back wall titled “The Heart of Darkness”, and bird tweets were playing over the speaker system.

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Epsom Jade Berry-36.jpg

Just before the show began, “The Bear Necessities” from The Jungle Book began playing. This set the scene for the unusual, eclectic and powerful collections that were due to walk down the runway.

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The 1970s influences were present in several collections. Sophie Robinson’s “Only Human” collection showcased a series of looks in shades of oranges and browns, complete with a crochet dress and patent brown boots. The models walked to “Everywhere” by Fleetwood Mac. Across the other presentations there were paisley prints, florals and even an oversized purple guitar case across one model’s back.


With five of their students in the running for the Swarovski Conscious Design Award, sustainable fashion was evidently a top priority for many of the students at UCA Epsom.


The closing collection from Suet Ying Lee was a beautiful and eerie show, titled “Run Relic Run”. With grating metallic sounds playing as the models walked in tap shoes, the moments of silence were filled with a repetitive click with each step.  All embroidery was made from animal bones collected and preserved from forests, and the collection was intended to “celebrate the whole cycle of life from birth to death”.

The most powerful statement of the show came during the final walk, when students joined the models by making a stand at the end of the catwalk, wearing t-shirts that protested UCA Epsom’s staff cuts on the front, and Bashir on the back. Their show was impactful and made a lasting impression.

Written by Faith Richardson

Photography by Jade Berry and Nicholas Kristiansen