The University of Central Lancashire showed an assortment of manipulation. Opening the show was Beatriz Fernandes, taking us back in time to the Victorian era. The models wore tea stained fabrics, with large top buttons, whilst carrying sets of keys, taking us back in time with an upbeat techno rhythm.

Chenais Jack’s models carried straw bags of wheat and the colour palette was an array of browns and beiges. The University of Central Lancashire does not shy away from different eras. Designer Daniel Parker intertwined 90’s drug culture with the motif ‘club drugs’ which was printed on her pieces. April Unsworth gave us 60’s vibes with floral prints, circle designs and embellishment of flowers covering each garment.


Hannah Morley took us to the 70s with a disco party full of disco hoop skirts, hung with cut out circles of giant sequins. Whereas, Allison Elizabeth Orr’s collection highlighted plastic in the oceans. Models wore white plastic floats as neckbands and back packs, with all garments bending and curving, flowing into one.

Written by Chloe Ford

Photography by Jade Berry and Becky Louise