Nina Marenzi is the Header and Founder of The Sustainable Angle, so we caught up with her after the Future Fabrics Expo talk in our press lounge, here's what she had to say to our budding designers.

The Future Fabrics Expo is a showcase of almost 3000 responsibly produced materials from over 100 mills and suppliers. An innovation in fabric production that prioritises the reduction of waste, lessens environmental impact and strongly believes in animal welfare, while still creating beautiful materials such as vegan leather made from apples or orange fibres made from citrus peels waste.

The Future Fabrics Expo have created swatch boxes that will be awarded today to students. These swatch boxes contain samples of innovative and sustainable materials, for students to gather inspiration from. Touching, feeling, and holding these materials will provide students with ideas for how they have use sustainable and innovative materials for their designs, which is a big step towards sustainable fashion, and design.

“We have leathers which are either vegan leather made from apple juice, and food waste, or leathers tanned without heavy metals or  chemicals. Low impact wools, British wools, and linens which are inherently more sustainable, that don't need pesticides to grow. Gorgeous drape Tencel fabrics made from sustainable wood plantations, beautiful cotton, and tech fibres of recycled polyester, and fabrics made from coffee ground waste, plastic waste, and debris.”

Fashion has over the past few years made a conscious effort to create a more sustainable industry. With new and developing designers creating their degree collections, and studying design, the perfect way to take a step towards a more sustainable fashion is to start with the materials. A real inspiration for design students everywhere to produce more sustainable design, in the bid for a greener fashion future.

Words by Isabel Woodrow Young and Maisie Taylor