This year, for the first time, Sophie Hallette are joining forces with Graduate Fashion Week so our University Design Challenge will become a part of the whole event. This will make it easier for the students and colleges as our judging panel will have access to the collections when they are submitted to the GFW Committee for judging, rather than holding a separate event. The winners will be announced on the Final Evening of GFW at the Awards Ceremony.

The criteria are simple...

1. Creativity - There must be a clear use of lace within the collections. The students must explore an element of creativity when using the lace within their collection. Think outside the of box and create something unique.

2. Technical Ability - The garments should be finished to an industry standard, with a wide range of different technical abilities being displayed throughout the collection... i.e. hem finishing, dying the fabric, appliqueing.

3. Final Production -While we are encouraging creativity, it is important that the designs submitted are commercially viable.

The judges will have access to the chosen designs during the Graduate Fashion Week submissions at a venue, date and time yet to be confirmed. It may be that the students can be present to discuss their collection with the judges but this will be confirmed later. Further communication regarding this judging procedure will be communicated nearer to GFW itself.

There will be one winner and two runner-ups in the Sophie Hallette competition. The winner will receive a cash sum of £1000. The first runner up in the competition will receive a cash sum of £500. and the second runner up a cash sum of £250.

The contestants will each be judged on how creative their use of lace is, by a panel consisting of:

Maud Lescroart, Marketing Director of Sophie Hallette along with top names from the fashion industry.


- Each lecturer must nominate two of their top students to work with the lace

- The student must attend the competition in person! And can not be represented by tutor, friend or colleague.

- The lace must be a vital part of the collection.

- Lace in the collection must only come from Sophie Hallette.

- Only one box of Sophie Hallette lace will be supplied to each university.

- The competition is testing the innovative use of lace, as Sophie Hallette prides itself on mixing tradition with innovation. So get creative!

- Sophie Hallette will keep in touch with students and their lecturers regarding the design process of students throughout the year. Visits may also be arranged.

If you love lace you will love the Sophie Hallette Design Challenge.  

May the best student win!