This years Graduate Fashion Week, Oracle International Catwalk Competition, was a wide-ranging spectacle of creations from students worldwide.

Russian student, Inga Bulana, showcased a fusion of curved shapes and iridescence, with selective hints of bold print.

French student, Aude Langlois, presented a loosely tailored blend of French Riviera style with tribal influences, complimented by draped rope elements.

Taehoo Hwang, USA, displayed an array of playful prints in draped silhouettes that indicated towards traditional Samurai culture.

Bold colour blocking, knitwear and fine pleating was skillfully merged by Jinghui-Bo of China.

Kristin Mallison from the USA, followed a theme of lost and found, with loosely stitched fabrics forming a vision of intriguing patchwork.

Girl-power, sequin embellishments and pastel hues took to the catwalk, in a bold collection by Jose Luis Gutierrez Martinez, France.

From Subai Tamilayo we saw a dramatic war-inspired collection, paired with frighteningly statement gas masks and heavy army boots.

Lu Zheng, China, pushed the boundaries of feminine menswear with a collection that placed floral embellishment and backwards wigs over gothical tailoring and leather elements.

Circular details embellished a block-coloured mix of materials in garments presented by Vivien Wong of Hong Kong.

Over a playlist of narrative music, a unisex assortment of slogan filled skatewear made an impact in a collection by Joycelyn Kam, Singapore.

Li Yunhang of China showcased a collection of oriental casualwear in a mix of colourful, intricate prints, with models walking barefoot in a nod to traditional Chinese culture.

In a unisex range of garments by Amber Reese, Australia, elements of British prints and metallic accents were added to layers of neutrally toned tailoring.

Feminine shaping and diamond forms, in minimal colours, were emphasized with a light use of fur in a collection from Antonio Pecov, Italy

Asymmetric minimalism in overcast tones were highlighted with carefully placed, light printing by Anishi Sheth, India.

From Takahiro Mizumachi, Japan, we saw a Tokyo-tastic, eccentric array of playful prints, heavily accentuated by masses of plush toys and embellished details.

From Tina Yu, China, minimalism was the theme throughout, detailed with wild appliqué shapes in parallel tones, contrasting with the heavy bass music.

In a collaboration between Agnes Citto and Cheryl Teo of Singapore, we saw a modern take on African heritage that included bold colours and circular prints, brought together with cultural headwear and bold accessories.

Daria Smirnova, Russia, produced geometricized tree-inspired prints and beautifully crafted, nest-like headpieces, that conflicted with an ear-aching track which ran from natural sounds all the way to heavy rock.

In a menswear collection reflecting rock band culture, from Angel Muktan, USA, garments were detailed with slogans and identifiable imagery.

Biker leathers were given a new twist in a menswear collection by Tao-Ke Hu of Taiwan, with colourful embroidery and soft, scultural drapings joining masses of zips and studded detail.

Elegance and fierceness were brought together by Dawn Bey, Hong Kong, who merged bright, metallic, structured jacket’s, with softly flowing, printed dresses, all rounded off with stripper platform heels.

Cut away, monochromatic silhouettes took to the catwalk as Alessandro Caffarelli, Italy, played an ear assaulting commentary of language lessons, suggesting a school-like inspiration.

Amesh Wijesekera, Sri Lanka produced historical and identifiable painted imagery, cleverly worked into an artful display of metallics and knitwear, made all the more theatrical with crotchet face coverings.

Finally, Federica Rabito of Italy, showcased harness extremities, mesh face masks, and a mix of futuristic prints against chillout beats.