Manchester School of Art’s collection was called ‘please do not touch’, and as a university they all came together as one. The same elongated slow beat track ran throughout each collection, intertwining the fashion design students of Manchester. But each designer held their own identity.

Manchester Jade Berry-8.jpg
Manchester Jade Berry-47.jpg

Opening the show was Tallulah Alberts’ winter wonderland. Her ski inspired collection included oversized ski goggles and an overload of buckles. Lily Parker’s collection channelled comfort. Jersey knitted fabrics, including slashed jumpers and sleeveless vests, held together by multiple metal hoops, injected grunge into otherwise classic outfits. These included turtle necks and dark grey, sleeveless tailoring. Details included head restraints, made from beige bands, covering the models from head to chin and mouths of other models.

MANCHESTER SCHOOL OF ART by Nici Eberl-8615.jpg

Rafaella Konstantinou’s collection references still life paintings of fruit. Rafaella provided day-to-night transitional pieces, adding romance to the Manchester Arts.

Chun-Yin Chan’s interweaved denim and newspaper to create streetwear staples. Uneven hemlines and cut sleeves created a maximalist effect on fashion staples.

Closing the show was Kazna Asker, who’s grunge collection was a mix-match of uneven prints, utility pockets and dark, thick denim materials, that were a juxtaposition of street style and intricate tailoring.

MANCHESTER SCHOOL OF ART by Nici Eberl-8706.jpg
MANCHESTER SCHOOL OF ART by Nici Eberl-8638.jpg

Written by Chloe Ford

Photography by Jade Berry and Nici Eberl