Hannah Craggs’ — senior editor of Youth at trend forecaster WGSN — job lies in trend prediction for Generation Z, otherwise known as Millennials. Her job role allows her to venture to different events and places such as festivals to spot anything that could potentially become a trend. Hannah spoke at day one of GFW19 to discuss trends — what’s coming up and how to spot it.


Hannah gave her top tips for someone wanting to go into trend prediction. She highlighted the importance of asking ‘why’ — “if you only design things based on aesthetics, it will fizzle out”  she said. “Be curiously curious, you’ve got to look outside of fashion”. Hannah went on to tell the audience the importance of networking, “be yourself they’ll remember that” and most of all be genuine, “if you want to go the distance, be kind”.

Speaking about why fashion is important to young consumers, Hannah believes Generation Z are the “most exciting consumers; they are the most politically, socially, economically and environmentally, aware consumer we have ever had.”


She also gave us a peak into this seasons biggest trends. One called ‘resistance and protest’. This trend has come from the consumer’s need to rebel and stand for themselves. That is why we will see a lot of tie dye this season, it links to the 70’s peaceful protest, moving on from the combat trend and on to the activism of the 70’s. Another trend is ‘attention orange’, more common in the USA. Hunters will wear orange to tell predators not to shoot but this colour has been adopted by consumers to protest against gun regulations. It highlights the meaning behind trend prediction and urging the consumer to question why.

Asking why she wanted to be apart of GFW this year hannah replied, “I think graduate fashion week is brilliant, I was so scared when I graduated, I wish people would have told me ‘this is the fun bit’, graduate fashion week is about helping the next generation who care about creativity and innovation”.

Written by Chloe Ford

Photography by Deborah Iona