Former fashion editor and co-editor of i-D magazine, Professor Caryn Franklin MBE inspired all in her GFW Live! talk this morning.

Throughout the workshop, Caryn Franklin discussed the topic, “Finding Your Own Voice”. She introduced this topic by asking the audience “what makes you “you”?”

“Experiencing your truth”. She continues, “defining who you are is something people need to start practicing now, and keep doing for the rest of their life”. She invited the public to reflect on the concept of dominant culture, and to start getting a sense of each person’s individuality. Caryn recommends we find our voice, thrive, and survive against the “water we are all swimming in”.


On the topic of “Dominant culture”. She shares that it “influences our creativity and our life every day. But your unique voice counts too. You may have felt like you have no space, but you too can fit in. Now we’re finally starting to see that unique voices are being centralised. But, how can we speed up the process? Creativity is power. Creativity is leadership. Believe it or not, you are cultural politicians, and you can make things happen”.

Moving on to discuss emotional Intelligence, Franklin discusses how dominant culture has influenced the difference between female and male emotional education. How we are all influenced by the generalised concept, that being truthful and honest is seen as a form of vulnerability.

“Being human” she says, “means being honest about your strengths and weaknesses, it means being able to accept that we all have values and flaws. Being human also means, being able to accept both sides of ourselves. Be kind to others, and learn to include everyone in your creativity. As young creatives you have the power to give space to new voices. Sending out kindness means receiving back. Believe in others, and learn to believe in yourself”.

Written by Sara Liberati

Photography by Deborah Iona