The University of Northampton graduates brightened up our SmartFocus catwalk on this grey afternoon in London. Our SmartFocus Catwalk was brought to life by the bold colours and upbeat music.

Designer Courtney Allen dressed models in a vivid collection of fluorescent yellow outerwear. You could not have missed the puffer jackets and wide leg trousers from a mile off.

With recurring colours of red, blue, yellow and white throughout the entire Northampton show, each look drastically changed, showing what each designer can do with the colours. Oversized stitches decorated the first collection of white, blue, and red looks, by Gemma Stevens. An electronic inspired collection brought us vibrant print patterns resembling TV test patterns, with words like “REBOOT” and “UPDATE NOTHING IMPRESS NO ONE” printed on the garments.

Two collections focused on workwear with a more uniform look, consisting of garments made from white and green parachutes, olive green cargo trousers, tailored military jackets, and burgundy felt berets. To top off this workwear military theme, the audience listened to Seven Nation Army and Parachute while the models strutted down our SmartFocus catwalk.

University of Northampton was the perfect show to brighten up this London weather!

Words by Maisie Taylor