UCA Epsom started their degree show with a bang as graduate Renee Leslie sent down a selection of metallic garments. The models were accompanied by fast-paced music on our SmartFocus catwalk.

The use of bold statements, hand written graffiti, and quotes like “Slut Walk” on large signs brought a dramatic mood to the collection by Morley Freeman. The audience were on the edge of their seats when sequined biblical paintings and feathers were embellished upon earthy tones, while models walked with the beat to “Highway to Hell”.

UCA Epsom delivered a large assortment of colour, metallics, and intricate patterns to their degree show so that with each collection came a different experience. Finishing the show on a high note, one of the last collections brought an all-white ensemble of tulle, lifted off the ground by large balloons. UCA Epsom was a dramatic, and exciting final show to round off our Monday night!

Words by Maisie Taylor