Northumbria displayed an amazing array of collections which all embodied different themes, influences and identities from each given designer. It was clear to see that the students have successfully combined ‘creativity and conceptual thinking’ whilst displaying commercial awareness and a fashion-forward mind, ready for their step into the industry.

The womenswear pieces screamed royalty with ultra-feminine, queen-like lace garments in rich golden tones, and was then contrasted with urban streetwear influences and bold graffiti prints, accessorized with huge chains and balaclava scarves covering the models faces.

Models strutted down our SmartFocus Catwalk adorned in bright pastels with fur, matching head to toe and fully knitted garments. The designs all received huge support from the crowd that filled the room.

Menswear pieces embodied themes from military, naval and scuba influences to bright art-deco like prints and oversized fully knitted line-ups. Oversized silhouettes communicated a feel of overtly masculine and almost intimidating looks.

The models showed real attitude and the whole atmosphere of the show was youthful, bursting with fun from the choice of music that added to the individuals design personality hand in hand.

A striking show and one we are sure to remember!