The Arts University Bournemouth show at our SmartFocus catwalk opened with a beautifully filmed piece capturing a spinning Zoetrope, bringing still shots of models come to life. The music began with dramatic drumming that sped up to create a hair-raising atmosphere along the runway.

Bright clashing colours in geometric patterns paired with layers dimensions created some mesmerising silhouettes on the models, along with silk screen printed designs on flares that had a British punk feel to them.

There was a lot of eye catching styling details seen on the collections from ornate face chains to orange fur heels, odd coloured socks to scuba style booties, tinted ski goggles and dripping orange painted trainers.

One sportswear inspired collection hit the SmartFocus catwalk featuring monochrome racing stripes, satin drawstring track pants, and mesh shirts. We also saw a Celtic inspired line-up in a green toned palette where shoulder pads mimicked armour and face straps perfectly framed the masculine jawlines of the models.  

With the first show of the day done, bring on the others!

Words by Isabel Woodrow-Young