Having founded an exciting new label titled Tailored Casuals, Ryan Brockbank doesn’t do things by halves. From watching his graduate collection saunter down the runway in 2017 a few moments after his daughter was born, to launching his own label to the interest of Saville Row , Ryan has mixed a realistic perspective with a talent for understanding the aesthetic of his consumer.

Referencing a retro football aesthetic and classic tailoring silhouettes, Ryan is pursuing a career always remembering that people have to want to actually wear your pieces. We caught up with the designer to hear more about his GFW17 success, how to manage freelancing and pursuing your own brand and making the most out of the support given to him.

Which university did you attend, and what is the most valuable thing that you learnt there?

I attended the University of Brighton. The most valuable thing as to just go for what you believed in. To make a collection that you loved and most importantly to keep in mind, ‘is anyone actually going to buy it!”

Graduate Fashion Week provides a platform for emerging fashion graduates to showcase their work regardless of the specific discipline. Which area of the industry have you chosen to pursue, and what informed this choice?

I have developed my own label, Tailored Casuals launching for spring/summer 2019. This came off the back of a successful graduate collection.

Tell us a bit more about your career journey since showing at Graduate Fashion Week. How have you found life in the industry?

Whilst developing my label I have been freelancing for various uniform design companies. This has enabled me to have the flexibility needed to get the label going whilst financially being able to support a wife and child.

How did your new label come about?

It was during my graduate collection I approached Dashing Tweeds for some help with fabric as their vibrant designs were perfect for the kind of look and feel I was after. I was lucky enough to make the best 25 collections of Graduate Fashion Week and Dashing kindly let me exhibit some of my garments in their window. The relationship grew and to help with the launch of Tailored Casuals they agreed on a 4 piece capsule collaboration using their peak design cloth, but with a twist!

Where are you hoping to be in five years time?

Would love the label to be established with maybe my own store and wholesaling to major department stores and retail outlets.

Lastly, to any students that are reading this in admiration of your career-what advice would you give to the students hoping to showcase this year?

My advice is not to think that your collection has crazy and doing elaborate and ridiculous or controversial garments just for the sake of it.

My collection was classic menswear tailoring and a few football shirts, and that didn’t do too badly did it! Essentially, in my opinion, is anyone at the end of the day, going to bloody wear it!

Words and Interview by Annabel Waterhouse-Biggins