Ravensbourne’s core principles of encouraging brave and creative thinkers were showcased in the innovative designs produced on the catwalk. Throughout the show, it was clear that these designers were incredibly talented, portraying a varying range of high couture fashion. The atmosphere was excitable, and the audience was engaged fully in Ravensbourne’s show, celebrating each designer and their uniqueness.

The designs showcased a variety of different proportions and layering, alongside a confident use of bold and vibrant colours. Accessorising appeared to be one of the forefront ideas to the designer’s thinking, with large statement bags and earrings became some of the stars of the collections. Not only was there the incorporation of woodwork and wicker to create statement wooden fashion in the form of large satchels and backpacks, but also there were also large singular earrings in the shapes of faces and hammers. This made the university stand out as their innovative accessorising remained in the minds of the audience. Veils were showcased in the designs of Lucy Baker, which gave a sombre tone to the catwalk but remained one of the most stunning collections of the catwalk. Neutral colour palettes were also in show, which complimented the striking colours used by their contemporary designers, revealing a fleshy and transparent side to Ravensbourne university’s design range.

Layering of fabrics was also highly present throughout the collections found from Ravensbourne. From this, interesting and gender defying silhouettes were created as the designers refused to keep to traditional and conventional concepts of masculine and feminine tailoring. As such, these designers represented the university’s goal to expand fashion’s boundaries. 

Words by Anna Tank

Photography by Becky Mukerji