There’s only two months to go until GFW19! Whether you’re a graduate showing your work, a 1st or 2nd year, or still in high school, there’s so much you can do to get yourself ready for the event. Make the most of GFW19 by following our GFW-approved to-do list.


Print business cards

You might be under the impression that only high-earning professionals have business cards, but this outdated attitude can result in you missing out on important contacts. Having a physical object that represents you as a professional is a great way of making good first impression and promote yourself.

You can design this tiny piece of paper or plastic in the way that matches your branding and is cohesive with your online presence, and not break a bank while doing so. A lot of online publishing companies provide business card printing services from as little as £10, including Moo, VistaPrint and Instant Print. Once it’s printed, you can’t go back, so make sure your spelling and all the details are correct!

Practice your pitch

GFW19 is attended by industry professionals from across all sectors — you can expect to see stylists, buyers, journalists, creative directors, recruiters or HRs from fast fashion companies, luxury houses, prestigious publications, indie magazines and more. They’re on the look out for the newest creatives in the UK, which makes GFW a hotbed of talent all under one roof.

If you’re approached, or see someone looking at your work, can you eloquently, confidently pitch yourself and your work under pressure? If not, practice your elevator pitch: a 30 second summary of who you are and what you do. It’ll make their job easier and help you to refine the elements of your personal brand you want to communicate to the outside world.


Think of your end goal 

Before packing your bag and heading to London, think about what you want to gain from your time at GFW19. Do you want to connect with recruiters and HR people from different brands — and if so, what kind of brands do you want to work with?

Maybe your goal for the event is to discover a course that inspires you — we showcase over 100 different courses at GFW — from design to photography, marketing, communication and promotion, as well as business management.

Or perhaps you want to learn more about the industry from experts at the GFW Talk Space, where we’ll be discussing everything from sustainability, the future of fashion, diversity, creativity and more. Whatever your goal, make a game plan before you get there!

Send Invites

Now is a good time to start spreading the word about GFW19 within the industry. If you have someone specific in mind, such as hiring manager of a brand you wish to work for, don’t hesitate to drop them email, introduce yourself, talk about your work and invite them to see it.

Treating your final year show as a professional display will send a great message to potential collaborators and employers. You can also encourage your friends and family to buy their tickets now. Emotional support during these important for your career days is always on hand.

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Update your online presence and CV

We can all agree how important your professional online presence is, especially regarding to potential network events. It’s not uncommon to be stalked online by a potential employer who wants to understand your background and what you’ve been up to recently, so think of it as a way to promote yourself.

Getting your resume up to date and printing a few copies to take with you should definitely be on your to-do list. Apart from a physical CV, make sure your LinkedIn, Instagram and other platforms that you use as portfolio are up to date with all your recent work experience, references and imagery.