The influencers, Sandra Haglestam, also known as 5 Inches and Up, Victoria Magrath, also known as In The Frow and model and influencer, Emma Breschi joined Hunger’s Emma Firth to discuss what it takes to be internationally successful in the GFW Live! talk. 

Sandra, Victoria, Emma Breschi and Emma Firth’s GFW Live! talk was a feminist showcase that recognised the social media industry as one in which women are excelling in despite the fact that “most of the time they’re just sitting in their pyjamas on the computer”.

The four women discuss the idea of a blog and how no one knows what the future of blogging is as well as, the content of their blogs and the products that they get sponsored to post. Times are changing regarding sponsorship- all four women agreed that more brands want their influencers to talk about the story behind the brand rather than just posting a photo of the product looking pretty. The whole concept of being an influencer is relatively new and it’s difficult to define.

Their GFW Live! was an inspirational one for the audience. They understand that this generation of graduates are experimenting in many different areas of the industry and they advised that “it’s important to dive right in, that’s how you are going to learn”. They suggested that people should create art in the moment, experiment in job roles after all they are just words, it’s what you do with them that counts and if you’re willing to learn you should never stop.

They finished the talk by addressing the issue that the majority of people don’t believe that they have a real job as influencers. But, it’s a way of earning money by working hard and it’s basically the same as being freelance. 


Words by Rosie Smith 

Photography by Zoe Griffin