The British Model Oliver Cheshire discussed his career and work with M&S with Freelance Journalist, Stylist and Author Alex Fullerton.

Oliver was scouted at Clothes Show Live by Select Model Management when he was only 16, his first catwalk was for D squared when he was still a child at school; he explained the difficulties of being a model and how he lost a flip-flop on the catwalk before. Alex posed the questions of “What are the hardest parts of being a model?” which Oliver expressed that “lots of flying is hard” explaining how he has to be in different countries each day before, in particular Bali which he was in for only 24 hours before returning to his home in London. Some of the less glamorous parts of model life is changing out the back of the car which Oliver explains is just something that comes with being a model.

Although Oliver highlights some negative aspects to being a model, Oliver expresses that his love for what he does outweighs the negatives. He explains that he feels like a “normal bloke” and goes down the pub to discuss football with the team at M&S. The crowd were pleased by Cheshire’s laid back and friendly personality.

An interesting point made by Cheshire was that female models earn around 10-20 times more than male models, which he explains “I think that’s only fair, women buy more clothes therefore the female fashion industry is worth more,” he follows this up with the analogy of men go to watch football therefore male football players earn more. This appears to be the only industry as Cheshire points out where women are the higher earners than men. 


Words by Emily Bone 

Photography by Zoe Griffin