On the notes of BOOM by the X Ambassadors, Evie Ashwin opened the show for Nottingham Trent University with an impressive catwalk that included only disabled models.

After such a grand opening, one could think that the other designers’ work would have paled in comparison, but this was not the case. Isabelle Pennington-Edmead continued the show with a Caribbean inspired womenswear collection which featured organza dresses with mono-padded shoulders.

Michelle Xi Chen gave us a juxtaposition of the feminine basque cap with masculine lines. A rhythmic remix of a child’s laugh created the atmosphere for Kerstyn Xin Zhao, whose menswear collection featured inserts that resembled the pregnant belly of a woman.


Tanya Armani Patel sent her models on stage in her streetwear line. The colour palette ranged from light greys to soft oranges. Harriett Hill showed off her knotting talents with a womenswear line that alternated pastel tones of pink, blue, and yellow.

Anna Choi chose to exhibit a womenswear 4-piece line that displayed puffed dresses in the solid colours: nude and dove grey, which closed with an impressive solid red vermilion dress.


Enuji Cho’s collection featured a beautiful a-line dress, with original illustrations, that take inspiration from the sea, and the singularity of everyone’s interpretation of the world and the universe.

Eleonora Christodoulou is one of the few designers to have used camo prints. Her collection, “Motivo” takes inspiration from her cultural background. Born in Cyprus, where military service is still mandatory, Eleonora used her collection to take a stand against violence and division. Her collection stands against gun violence, and the stereotype that men have been associated with over the decades. Her collection is entirely sourced of recycled materials, and it includes dome printed strips that quote “#enough”, “#heforshe”, and “#dresslikeawoman”.


Jessica Webster’s collection stood out for the interesting knitted headbands, while Lydia Jackson’s multicolour collection “Beauty Without Borders” was an absolute show-stopper, with a voluminous cluster of patchworks and tulle headpieces.

From the audience, Charlotte Pullen commented on the show saying “the show was simply amazing, and GFW is an incredible opportunity for graduates and university students to expand their networks across the industry”.

Written by Sara Liberati

Photography by Jade Berry and Becky Louise