On the third day of GFW19, the students from Norwich University sent their eccentric collections down the catwalk.

Annie Rose’s “To Be Verified” collection kicked off their show. “Skip Jump Stomp” by the Atomic Drum Assembly, introduced her four-piece collection.

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Norwich Jade Berry-15.jpg

Annie’s collection was divided into two sections; one was inspired by the over saturation of images within social media, this section consisted of two fluro outfits. The second section represented the white light of a flash. This included two oversized outfits, both made from spandex and reflective materials.

Phoebe Constable’s collection was stunning. Her playful collection redefined the definition of menswear and fully reflected her personality. Her colourful pieces were a combination of oversized knitwear and bio-plastics. Phoebe managed to perfectly combine colours and unconventional shapes, whilst also being conscious and mindful of the impact they have on the environment.

NORWICH by Nici Eberl-1882.jpg

Rosie Moore’s collection was trend-focused and feminine. She was inspired by the Eton House in Sussex. Her collection consisted of leopard prints and bright pinks.

Dominic Read’s menswear collection featured marine-inspired illustrations.

Chloe Dunning’s grey and orange pieces, were made from laser-cut acrylic, which was adapted to the models’ bodies.

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NORWICH by Nici Eberl-1982.jpg

Abby Nichols opted for traditional feminine lines, inspired by those of Christian Dior.

Kristina Gailiute’s collection was a homage to Alexander McQueen. She presented a series of idiosyncratic lines. Kristina inserted leather pieces throughout her collection.

“Infectious Evolution” was a memorable collection by Rachael Mansfied. Her models walked the catwalk with masked faces. The collection was inspired by nature, and it protested against human acts on nature. Once their catwalk had finished, Rachael said that she “can’t believe my show went so well, I have been waiting for this moment for so long, and I feel so thrilled about the whole experience, it was absolutely amazing”.

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Written by Sara Liberati

Photography by Jade Berry and Nici Eberl