The University of Northampton School of Arts showcased their best emerging design talent. Footwear design students displayed their technical abilities with innovative one-of-a-kind shoes. The cutting edge designs included a curved wooden block wedge heel styled with complimenting traditional Eastern attire.

Accompanying accessories embodied an opulent Eastern romance, embroidered with mini fringed jewels and swaying deep red and gold tassels. The graduates displayed excellent attention to detail with engraved gold embossed on the edges of Perspex rectangle glass clutches, contrasting with silver handle chains highlights for a modern take on mixing metallic. The colour palette adhered to the Eastern fairytale theme a with preference of greys, pinks, green and purples.

The second half of the show explored the use of garment structure with oversized silhouettes on cropped jumpers, jackets and culottes. With a hue of pastel pinks, blues and greens the second half of the show embodied a more childlike modern fairytale. There were nods to 1980s fashion with oversized shoulder pads emulating a modern, powerful heroine.

Cartoon graphic patterns were displayed through both the mens’ and womenswear pieces staying true to the youthful impression. As the show came to an end, the final collection portrayed meticulously lasercut monochrome pieces, a strong and powerful look to end Northampton’s Graduate show.


Filming and editing by Rich Tea Films

Backstage Photography by Michelle Marshall

Catwalk Photography by Caitlin Davis

Written by Elizabeth Renfrey and Dior Lewis