‘NO MORE TRASHION’: Protests hit Graduate Fashion Week 


Manchester graduate Eva-Joy Sargent took to the GFW floor in a powerful way today, to protest about her concern for the future of fashion. The ever-increasing link between designer and consumer has meant that we often don’t think twice about where the label has come from, or who has attached it to the garment we’re lusting after. This has a huge impact on the environment and the working conditions of those who make the clothes.

Previously, Eva held this protest on the streets of Manchester, but today in our very own GFW space a model stood amongst the graduate stalls, wearing a hooded outfit made from waste fabrics and surrounded by unforgettable slogans such as ‘NO MORE TRASHION’.

Eva-Joy is inspired by Vivienne Westwood, and believes in the benefit of individual creativity and adapting pieces from vintage stores. Eva says by doing so, ‘anyone can be a designer in their own way’, yet still be sustainable. We need to remember that the fast isn’t free, and often someone or something else is paying for it.

Words by Hannah Stacpoole