Graduate Fashion Week 2018 is fast approaching, and here at GFW HQ, planning is in full swing. GFW is an exciting time for graduating fashion students to showcase all of their hard work they have been planning over the course of their time at university. As much as the main focus is generally the final collections the entire styling is just as important so the students can portray their story to the audience.

GFW have been reminiscing some of the most striking and distinct styling looks from GFW17, and here are some of our favourites.

05-06 Nottingham Trent University Backstage images by Kathrin Werner 008.jpg




Backstage at Nottingham Trent, stunning geometric inspired make up was designed to compliment the colour palette of the collection, and the print style. With hair slick back, and bare eyes the eyes can be drawn to the bright and striking lines. As well as creating a delicate design on the face, the alignment of the shapes follow the lines of the garments constructing a collection but also a visual finesse.









A talented designer from the University of East London constructed a ravishing look for their catwalk. The red and blue tones can be seen replicated in the models hair and makeup styling. The bold blue based eye shadow worked with the thick blue and red lip liner really enhances the facial features. This daring design is complimented by the futuristic hair design featuring intricate geometric line and shapes with opposing voluminous plaits, also displaying the repetition of blue tones.



(East London) (04,06,2017) (image by Danny Woodward)-47.jpg
Kingston Backstage 06.06.17 by Amaryllis Knight-8.jpg

A designer from Kingston University created a diverse catwalk show, using an assortment of models of various ages. The natural ash colour of the men’s hair worked stunningly well with the neutral tones of the collections colour palette. The contrasting facial features, from beards and mushtache to skin creases all added details to the story the designer wanted to portray. The designer has also conveyed the importance of designing garments for all ages, as fashion is not just for youth.





Backstage at the Kingston show, one designer created an alluring look to endorse their pastel collection. The accessorized headwear consisted of bold layered floral adornments juxtaposed with intricate jewelled embellishments. The dazzling 3D details worked beautifully well with the delicate eye shadow, statement plum lips and the models sleek dark hair.

Kingston Backstage 06.06.17 by Amaryllis Knight-60.jpg

We cannot wait to see the styling of GFW18’s designers. The diverse talent and inspiration is overwhelming and we really want to see what exciting plans GFW18 students have in store!


Words by Amber Whitaker