Manchester School of Art is one of the largest providers of Art and Design courses in the UK, with a distinguished 170 years history. The School offers a range of courses including an award winning Fashion course that focuses on contemporary Fashion Design and a Textiles course that allows students to specialise in Print, Knit, Weave and Embroidery.

The BA (HONS) Fashion graduates put on a show of talent within all different techniques with a popular choice of daring prints using print transfer. Coats were also a collective choice of design with different variants of Parka Jackets taking the stage. These included layering of different fabrics, such as graduate Jennifer Healy’s clear plastic coloured coats over satin dresses, and Louise Clark’s chiffon over PVC. Other experimental designs included of facials printed in glitter on jackets.

Typography was another choice by Faye Joynes whose garments revealed messages as an avenue of communication. Other design choices included of tassels and chains for decorative effect. Mysterious but intense music set the mood for the show with the audience on the edge of their seats, desperate to see the designs first. The models hair were crimped and tied back accompanied by natural but defined makeup.

Past graduates from Manchester School Of Art, is Hannah Wallace who previously won George Gold Award. 


Words by Emily Bone

Photography by Becky Mukerji