Manchester Metropolitan University took the reins today, as they became one of the first universities to individually showcase their graduate collections in a presentation style.

Pulsating lights within the dimly lit space created a relaxed ambiance amongst the audience. With two ensembles shown from each of the ten chosen designers, viewers were able to gain an up-close look at the finest pieces produced by the university students.

A unisex collection from Grzegorz Rurca featured woven garments, complimented by loosely tied espadrilles. Meanwhile, designer Rosie Cullen created luxurious, trailing gowns from elegantly draped silks, adorned with soft ostrich feathers.

In contrast to the earthly hues that built up most of the pieces, Lauren Bennett produced punk inspired garments, building an eclectic mix of woven neon ropes, biker leathers and ornamented with high standing mowhawks.