On day 3 of Graduate Fashion Week 2016 we joined Luke Pluckrose, from Saks, leading the amazing L’Oreal Professional team, our official sponsors, at the University of Central Lancashire show to discuss this year’s trends. L’Oreal’s team are busy transforming a group of models into poofed up power ladies, with big bold hair flicks. The atmosphere is tense with excitement as the models near their catwalk moment. When asked about the trends this year Luke says, “it’s impossible to pinpoint this time, we’ve had everything from finger waving to crimping”. Indeed, the diversity this year has rivaled even that of London Fashion Week, something that’s been “a pleasure to see”. 

Luke was joined by Andrea Daley and Lisa Rhead, from Barbara Daley, along with the fantastic L'Oreal team have worked on the hair of every age and race under the sun, using a wide range of products (some of the boy’s afros were a favourite). “The kids (from the Bournemouth Arts University show) were great to have around, giving the whole thing a playful vibe. We had great fun working the illuminating green string into their hairstyles”. Luke’s recommended product- and by far their most used for GFW this year- is the L’Oreal Professional Pli Tecni Art Shaper. “Even though the team uses a wide variety of products but this is the best for multi-functional styling”. Before being ushered away to join the throng of models having their looks finalised, Luke adds, “It’s been an electrifying atmosphere from start to finish, the excitement is unreal”. Not to mention the incredible hairstyles being created!