London Beauty Artists are industry experts and educators attending big events such as London Fashion. As talented partners for GFW, the audience were engaged, listening to the tips and guide on applying makeup. Their live master class sponsored by Max Factor was a step-by-step guide on using Max Factors products on how to create a retro glamour look perfect for summer.

The dewy fresh look on the model brought together 6 hours of knowledge and prep into a half an hour talk providing the audience with important tips and tricks to create the look. London Beauty Artist, May said, “Not having primer on is like leaving the house without your underwear,” was just one of the humorous and friendly ways the beauty experts engaged with the audience. This was also followed by the key speaker and talker Humayra Hassan who, whilst giving a detailed explanation whilst May demonstrated on the model, explained “windscreen wiping action” when referring to applying eye shadow to the crease in the eye.

When it came to questions, the makeup experts were keen to guide the audience on their personal and professional suggestions, with one member of the audience asking, “if you don’t have time to complete a whole look, what are the main components you would use?” A hard question was answered by Hamarya who explained, “It’s personal preference” continuing to explain her own love for mascara. With a calm but intrigued atmosphere the audience left happy and satisfied with their new found knowledge. 


Words by Emily Bone

Photography by Zoe Griffin