Kayleigh Hilde, a freelance fashion illustrator, has recently taken her eclectic style of illustration to the students at member university Carmarthen School of Art, as she returns to showcase her experiences within the industry. 

Hilde is a pioneer in terms of her method- working into and on top of photography from the catwalk and backstage, Kayleigh reinvents the static image. As many now experience fashion through their phone screens, bringing imagery to live has become the new social currency, with creativity at it's core. 

With a signature style that pays ode to the designer, model and photographer equally, Kayleigh continues the collaborative style, involving each stage of the creation of the image in the final aesthetic. Having drawn live from the catwalk at Fashion Scout London during London Fashion Week and pursuing a Masters in Fashion Futures, Kayleigh was invited back to her university to give a masterclass on her time in the industry. The illustration workshops not only outline the artistic elements of graphic illustration, but the logistics of using technology. 

Outlining tips and tricks to illustrate within tight time limits, the BA students in attendance learnt how to improve and develop their own work, highlighting the importance of developing their own style. 

Hilde is an example of how fashion is changing, how new technologies and artistic merit can be developed into a distinctive style, opening doors and encouraging growth. We're pleased to support Kayleigh's work and the opportunity she has recently given to new students at member university Carmarthen School of Art



Words by Annabel Waterhouse-Biggins

Artwork by Kayleigh Hilde