When asked if he had any fun or interesting facts about himself, Starsica incredulously replied "interesting about me?! I'm just a normal guy." This modesty, just the morning after a killer showcase at the Ones to Watch show, just makes the designer even more charming. 

We caught up with Starsica this morning to get an idea of where he found his inspiration for the incredible collection we saw yesterday. He explained that his collection "comes from the idea: what if aliens came to the Earth just to enjoy a holiday or outside activities? There are so many beautiful flori; they're enjoying collecting the flora and they're imitating people's behaviour." This original concept, really is out of this world and it was beautifully realised in his SS18 collection through the use of texture, accessorising and a mix of materials. "I use so many materials; from silk to very cheap poly(ester) and mesh - everything - because I want to describe the fullest scene of the night: there are so many textures. All the elements come from this idea - I want to describe all the textures, because I used to be a scripture so I want to express the sense of touch and using touch." 

Graduating from Kingston with a MA in Fashion, Starsica had previously studied scripture in Seoul, Korea which he has said has influenced him, yet says he "think(s) of London as my second home." This visitor concept also influenced his whole collection as he remembers: "one day I saw a fox on the street, so it was a very extraordinary experience for me, but inversely, the fox was really scared of me, so my situation is: I'm a visitor to London but the fox became a visitor to me." And London is where the designer sees his collection based in five years time; comparing the fashion industry in Korea and the UK, he says "I want to export my clothing in London because there are so many buyers; in Korea there are very limited buyers so, I'm dealing with luxury, but it's almost gone in Korea." 

It's clear to see, just by looking at the garments, that there are various influences that Starsica has drawn upon to create this collection, but he revealed that he "wants to express the awkward situation in our society." The 'awkward situation' being that of the 'visitor' feeling. Whether it's an alien, a fox or flori, Starsica has a unique and complex approach to his work, something he recalled to me: "I got new cultural experiences (moving to London) and Kingston MA Fashion staff taught me so many skills and ways of thinking - how to show my thinking in a collection." I think it's safe to say, there was nothing like his SS18 garments on the catwalk yesterday. This unrivalled talent pushes boundaries, challenges conventional ways of designing and isn't afraid to think out of the box. 


Words by Zoe Bennetts

Photography by Bethan Fielding