Outside Truman Brewery during Graduate Fashion Week, will be an innovative, interesting and interactive project! The project is called SUYT (Show Us Your Talent) and consists of an installation in which design students can recreate their own atmosphere through a selected music and light settings, and have 10 minutes to show their talent via a digital white canvas, a design tablet with an intuitive software developed specially for the project. 

Inside the SUYT installation, every designer can choose the music and lighting mood that inspires them and take up the challenge! SUYT is a unique creative experience, an installation for students of the best design schools around the world to show their talent in a 10 minutes sketching challenge.

"The intuitive user experience is one of the keys to SUYT; a software created exclusively for the occasion to give young designers the best tool to let free of their creativity."

'The first pilot which we realised in the IED School in the Madrid campus came to an end last month, and the feedback from the students as well as the press has been really good – they perceived it as an innovative project and new form to connect with the creative community!'