In the news this week, designers and editors give their advice on how to win a fashion prize, BoF analyses the importance of a mentor in rapidly changing fashion industry, while Fashion Network reports on haute couture turning its back on fur - real and fake. Over on Quartz, do people really care if their clothes are new anymore?

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What Does It Take To Win A Fashion Prize In 2019?

A fashion prize is not just a fairytale ending - designers and editors offer their advice.

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People Don’t Care If Their Clothes Are New Anymore

Remember when “secondhand” meant a trip to the Salvation Army for ugly sweater day? Or when “thrifting” (á la Macklemore) was picking up a wacky, sort-of-dirty fur thing from Goodwill that you’d probably never wear?

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Looking For A Fashion Mentor? Here’s Where To Begin

Today’s fashion aspirants must create a lasting career trajectory amid a rapidly changing industry landscape. Finding a mentor early can help.

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Haute Couture Turns Back On Fur, Both Real And Fake

Something rather significant was missing from the Paris haute couture shows which wrapped up on Wednesday night - fur.

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How TV Merch Evolved From Niche Culture To Covetable Streetwear

Before the first season of Stranger Things, nobody could have predicted the love the show would elicit, turning it into a major brand in itself and hastening Netflix’s transformation into the veritable powerhouse it is today.

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