In the news this week, the debut Gucci Beauty campaign celebrates imperfections, i-D examines how Instagram has transformed the fashion industry, while Susie Dent writes for Stylist about the money language that can help us get comfortable talking about our finances.

Why Gucci Beauty’s Lipstick Campaign Shots Are Important In The Current Age Of Perfectionism

Gucci Beauty’s campaign shots are the perfect antidote to the airbrushed shots we’re usually exposed to - but why has it become such a talking point?

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‘Camp’ At The Met, As Rich As It Is Frustrating

This year’s Costume Institute exhibition is finally here. Will it help you better define camp? Probably not. But the historical journey is thoroughly engaging.

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How Instagram Transformed The Fashion Industry

No other social media platform has come to define fashion with such visceral omnipotence as Instagram.

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This Is Why We Need To Be More Empowered When Talking About Money

We spoke to Countdown’s Susie Dent about how being comfortable using financial language can help us succeed. 

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Here's How Your Body Language Can Make Or Break A Job Interview

Prepping for an interview is strenuous. You need to read up on the organisation, practice for those tricky behavioural interview questions, and really know how to sell yourself. You also need to keep in mind what your body language is telling your interviewer.

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Thinking about Linking

Feel like LinkedIn can’t help you to build a career in the creative industries? Think again. Once you shake off the obvious assumptions and start framing yourself in a dynamic way, it’s a great tool to have access to.

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