In the news this week, GQ presents an examination of the potential future of the fashion industry under no-deal Brexit, Quartz debates if cheap fashion brands can ever become ethical, while Jack Williams finds a solution to opinion that art and design courses produce unemployed young creatives over at Intern.

What a No Deal Brexit Would Mean for British Fashion

With the Brexit deadline extended and a no deal outcome looming large, British Fashion Council CEO Caroline Rush examines, exclusively for GQ, just what this would mean for this country’s fashion industry, the talented people which populate it and – most importantly – you, the consumer...

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Can Cheap Fashion Ever Be Ethical?

As fashion industry has criss-crossed the world in search of ever-cheaper places to manufacture its clothing, the stories of worker abuses that have followed remain depressingly similar.

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Op-Ed | The Age of Political Correctness Will Kill Great Fashion

Recently, fashion has been rocked by scandals involving racism, sexism, and cultural appropriation — real, alleged, and perceived. Some of these allegations have been serious and valid, others more tenuous and contentious.

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How To Follow Up After A Phone Interview If You Want The Job

Phone interviews can be incredibly intimidating. You are robbed of the ability to read your interviewer’s body language and facial expressions, so figuring out how to navigate them without losing your cool can be tough.

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No Regrets

Studying art and design is often framed as a risky decision. Jack Williams argues that instead of shaming students for choosing to follow their passion, we ought to look to universities to teach them how to make their skills relatable to working life.

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