In this week news, Paul Smith’s shares his top 10 tips on how to build a brand that lasts, Refinery29 sheds some light on why candidates are ghosted after a job interview, while the leather debate continues — is vegan leather better than the real deal?

10 Tips to Starting a Career in Sustainability

Stella McCartney’s worldwide sustainability and innovation director, Claire Bergkamp, shares her insight on how best to start a career in fashion's growing sustainability sector.

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Paul Smith's 10 Tips On How To Build A Successful Brand That Lasts

Ahead of the final round of the BFC/Vogue Fashion Fund selection process, Paul Smith invited the seven finalists to stop by his London studio to pick his brains on how best to prepare and what it takes to play the fashion long game.

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This Is Why You Were Ghosted After A Job Interview

Kristina spent a few hours working on the assignment and submitted the assignment before the deadline, along with a thank-you note. “Then I heard nothing. Literally crickets,” Kristina says. “Not even a ‘Sorry, we decided to go with someone else.’”

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The Best Way to Teach Sustainability in Fashion School? Listen to Students

The ecological-native Generation Z is pushing fashion education to rethink its approach to sustainability.

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The Leather Debate: Is Vegan Leather A Sustainable Alternative To The Real Thing?

More and more brands are touting vegan leather as an ethical, socially conscious alternative to real leather. But does the environmental impact of synthetic fabrics cancel out any perceived benefits? Ellie Pithers investigates.

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