In this week news, BBC new series explores the future of fashion, Fanny Bourdette-Donon shares her career journey, and Fashionista investigates natural beauty marketing claims, while Drapers presents an optimistic view on waste in fashion retail.

How I Became... Special Projects Manager at Dior Beauty

Fanny Bourdette-Donon is the international PR and special projects manager for Dior Beauty, working closely with the luxury house’s brand ambassadors. Last year, the brand’s earned media value was over $411 million.

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What Will Fashion Be Like 20 Years From Now?

From virtual collections to limitless creativity, in the first of a new series on future culture, Bel Jacobs explores what style will look like in two decades’ time.

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The War On Waste: Fashion Wakes Up To Recycling

Fashion retailers are tackling logistical, organisational and educational hurdles to introduce clothing and textile recycling schemes. 

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Ask Eva: How Can I Stop Juggling Everything And Just Switch Off?

This week, Eva Wiseman advises a twenty-something journalist how to come back from the brink of burnout.

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6 Kinda-Self-Help Books By Women Of Colour That Everyone Needs To Read, Stat

Gone are the days of the self-help book as hokey spiritual cheerleader. By digging deeper and getting realer, these six books help women to practice radical acts of self-love, and to know that the rest will follow.

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8 Common Fear-Mongering Natural Beauty Marketing Claims, Fact-Checked

An investigation of the alarmist misconceptions that clean beauty brands perpetuate most.

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