In this week news, advice from fashion’s top designers on breaking into the industry on i-D, how to talk to your boss about your mental health, and why young women are reimagining the poetry landscape.

What I Learned From 'Failing' At My 20s

It's refreshing to hear someone championing the merits of failure and things not going right.

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How to Pursue Your Dream When Everyone Says it Won’t Work

What do you do when you tell those closest to you what you want your new direction to be, but you hear “are you sure that’s the right move for you right now”?

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Designers Share Their Advice for Breaking Into the Fashion Industry

So you think you want to work in fashion? Here's what you need to know.

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How Young Women Today Are Reimagining the Poetry Landscape

A new wave of writers are using their unique lived experiences and the power of social media to spread their words.

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How to Talk to Your Boss About Mental Health

Any decent workplace wants to handle the mental health of its employees kindly and effectively, whether out of compassion or pure self-interest. 

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