In this week news Louis Vuitton’s Michael Jackson inspired collection is facing backlash after ‘Leaving Neverland’ documentary, i-D’s experts debate upon gendered red carpet, and all English secondary schools and NHS patients will receive free sanitary products, while the conversation about offensive designs in the fashion industry is gaining momentum.


Louis Vuitton Has a Michael Jackson Problem

The explosive 'Leaving Neverland' documentary, in which the pop superstar is accused of sexually abusing children, could spark a PR crisis for the French luxury brand as it weighs what to do about Virgil Abloh's Michael Jackson-inspired men's collection.

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What Salary Should I Ask For? How to Figure Out Your Worth

Whether you’re negotiating your salary for a brand-new job or asking for a raise at your current one, the first rule of negotiating is to know what you’re worth.

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Why Is The Red Carpet Still So Gendered?

Is it still surprising to see a man in a gown, a woman in pants? i-D enlists an expert opinion.

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Is It Possible To Become a Mega-Influencer Anymore?

As the market becomes more saturated, it's harder to ascend to the same levels of fame and lucrative sponsorships in the field than ever before — but it's not impossible.

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Free Periods Might Become Reality

Free tampons and other sanitary products will be available in all secondary schools in England and for NHS patients.

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Why Do Blunders Like The Gucci Blackface Debacle Still Happen? A Diversity Exec Has 3 Theories

Since December, three fashion labels have been called out for producing offensive products evoking racist tropes.

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