In this week’s news, editors discuss recent staff layoffs in digital media, milliner Stephen Jones shares his legacy with Another Magazine, whilst Refinery29 and GirlBoss present us with practical career advice. 

The Decline of Fashion Week, Explained

Rebecca Jennings dives deep into the history of Fashion Week and throws light upon how recent changes in the industry impacted structure and meaning to the event.

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How to Answer This Frustratingly Vague Interview Question

Refinery29 untangle the very common “Tell me about yourself” question and break down how to successfully answer it.

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Digital Media - What Went Wrong?

Edmund Lee analyses the current affairs of BuzzFeed and Vice Media and what the evolution of Digital Media means for thousands of professionals in various industries.

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Fashion & Mental-Health - Appearances Can Be Deceptive

In the recent editorial, Black Neon Media brings attention to unbalanced lives of fashion creatives and the consequences of ignoring our wellbeing.

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50 Questions with Milliner Stephen Jones

Ahead of a new exhibition opening at Brighton’s Royal Pavilion, Jones answers a selection of questions on his life and career (and explains why he cannot stand the word ‘iconic’).

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Why “Follow Your Passion” Isn’t Always The Best Career Advice

Follow your strengths, not your heart, says Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran—plus nine other pieces of solid career advice.

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