The world’s first super-model and 60s icon, Twiggy joined Hilary Alexander OBE to discuss her life in fashion in the GFW Live! talk by M&S.

Twiggy’s talk, as imagined was both inspirational and entertaining. She started by describing herself as “an ironing board with legs and eye lashes”. She discussed her career timeline, beginning with when she was discovered when she was 16 years old.

Twiggy explained how fashion has always been a part of her life but she never expected to become a model. She went straight from being a student at school to being flown to Paris and New York for photoshoots. Twiggy stayed humble throughout the GFW Live! talk and explained that she thought the members of the fashion industry were “mad” for wanting her as their model. Twiggy didn’t dream of being a model because she was from a working class family and all of the other successful models of the time were middle or upper class.

Hilary Alexander OBE introduced the topic of Twiggy’s recent M&S collection into the talk when she went on to mention that she’s been designing for M&S for 6 years and has been working with them for 12. Within her latest collection she has collaborated with her daughter who designed some of the prints.

Twiggy ended her GFW Live! talk by explaining how “her heart goes out to all the young people in the fashion industry because it’s not like it was when she was discovered. It’s really tough for young people now”. Twiggy had no confidence when she was discovered but she was still given the chance. Despite the tough nature of today Twiggy advised that everyone should “just follow their dreams”.



Words by Rosie Smith 

Photography by Zoe Griffin