The continuing partnership with Clarks as a Graduate Fashion Week sponsor allows insight into the footwear industry. Hilary Alexander OBE is a Graduate Fashion Week trustee, who interviewed 2017’s Clark’s footwear award winner Megan Davies.

Megan discussed with Hilary the inspiration for her award winning boot and sock, which has World War Two heritage. Paying homage to the technically advanced flight boot that was able to heat itself for it’s wearer, Megan developed a similar concept for an every day boot. Using a non-chargeable heating agent, Megan’s boot is able to heat itself, ideal for hikers or for the simple comfort of daily life. Comfort and functionality is at the forefront of Megan’s designs, which caused for much attraction from Clarks as the “hybrid boot sock” fits their passion for innovation. Megan goes on to announce that the boot can be “fitted with GPS” while keeping to “breathability” as its core concept. As a 3D printed shoe, Megan’s design is ground-breaking in the footwear industry; paving the way for the binding together of technology and fashion. Not only has Megan entered the footwear realm, but she has also branched into accessory. Hilary quizzes Megan over her hybrid handbag and backpack, which comes out in stores Spring/Summer 2019. Again, functionality is at the forefront for Megan and Clark’s design so comes in both black and white and can operate for formal or informal occasions.

Hilary then speaks with Megan about her entrance into the footwear industry and her early experiences, which the young aspiring audience responded well to. As an “unexpected win” Megan was the ideal spokeswoman for the budding footwear designer. After conversing over the current state of the industry, Megan summarises her future hope for her career: a completed BFA qualification and an original clothing or footwear brand of her own. 

Words by Anna Tank 

Photography by Rory James