This year marks the 25th Anniversary of our charity and platform for design students. Every year Graduate Fashion Week looks to showcase the very best of students work to an audience of inspiring industry leaders, aiming to bridge the gap between graduation and employment. Graduate Fashion Week continues to gain a growing spectatorship and participating number of Universities and we are positive this year is going to be the best yet!

Whilst some students are yet to discover who will have their collections exhibited, we asked some of the potential exhibitors about their anticipation building up to GFW, their time at UCA Epsom and UCA Rochester and more…


Chloe Le Brett, UCA Epsom.

“I think the most thrilling part of GFW will be seeing my collection going down the runway and watching my parents reactions when they see what I have made, I hope they will proud of me.” 


Melodi Isa, UCA Rochester.

“My time at University has made me grow a lot as a person. By being surrounded by people who are passionate about the same things as me. The most important thing I have learned is that nothing is impossible and also to have patience.”


Anita Atuobi, UCA Epsom.

“It’s truly humbling and satisfying to be put forward to represent myself and my University on such a platform.”


Dominique Pearce, UCA Rochester.

“My biggest motivation is seeing the end result of a concept or project. There is nothing I love more than delving into the depths of an idea and exploring each process and the stages of design and development. The feeling of seeing a finished product is always a euphoric moment for me.”


Steph Greenwood, UCA Epsom.

 “My biggest motivation is that I want to continue to experience a stimulating and exciting atelier career in the fashion industry and to learn the entirety of my craft as there is always something new to create.” 


Jackie Hingra, UCA Rochester.

“For graduate fashion week I have always worked back stage as a dresser or a coordinator so this is the first year I can really get to sit and enjoy the show so I'm really excited about seeing everyone's collections (and hopefully mine) up on the big catwalk celebrating all graduate designers.”


Ramlah Wraich, UCA Epsom.

 “Completing my final collection has pushed me out of my comfort zone in ways I didn’t think possible. If you were to have asked me a year ago what I would have creatively achieved I could have never have imagined that I would have done this kind of collection let alone being chosen to exhibit it at GFW!”


Eleanor Willams, UCA Rochester.

“My biggest motivation is finding things around me that fascinate and intrigue me whether it’s a photographer, artist or landscape. Something that makes me curious to learn more about it is how I design my clothes. Usually I find creativity from natural forms or places I have visited.”


Alketa Repaj, UCA Epsom.

“I wasn’t expecting to be asked to exhibit at all but it was a pleasant surprise. With the intensity of the work I had put Graduate Fashion Week to one side so being chosen for the show was a great feeling, all the hard work had finally paid off. I’ve been to GFW every year, so to be able to participate in my final year of studies is pretty amazing!”


Ryan Harford, UCA Rochester.

“The biggest thing I will take away from my time at UCA Rochester is that you should always follow your dreams in life regardless of age. Your never too old to change direction in life and if your prepared to work hard that you can achieve those dreams.”


Chloe May Porter, UCA Epsom.

“It still doesn’t feel real. I am absolutely ecstatic and extremely proud of myself. Its something I have been working towards since I started university.”


Kind thanks to all the students and the Universities for giving us an insiders peek of how they are preparing for GFW. We can’t wait to see their designs being unveiled on the catwalk. 

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Written by Paris Richardson, @paris_anne. (

Photography by Konstantinos Zoidis.