We're so happy to announce a new award for Graduate Fashion Week 2017, entitled the Hilary Alexander OBE Trailblazer Award. The winning student will receive £1,000 and their University will be awarded £250. 

In recognition of the unparalleled level of support, commentary and guidance provided to UK trained fashion students, their academic staff, Colleges and Universities, associated with the Graduate Fashion Week Foundation, we have the honour of naming the new GFW 2017 Catwalk Award, ‘The Hilary Alexander Award’, after the renowned UK based Fashion Journalist, Hilary Alexander.

"I'm a bit of a catwalk junkie. I've always been captivated by the new and exciting and I feel a fantastic sense of anticipation whenever I sit down to watch a show. Graduate Fashion Week is especially inspirational because you're seeing the work of graduates who have never put their ideas and inspirations before a live audience before. It is simply brilliant when a graduate collection is enthralling, original, beautifully-made and creative in every way. I am thrilled and honoured to have this award named for me. Thank-you."

This new award has been created, in order to capture and reflect Hilary’s evident enthusiasm for the new, the fresh and the unpublished in fashion. The chosen collection should provide a refreshing fashion direction that best reflects what UK Fashion is renowned for and can also sustain national/international media interest in its’ realisation.

For more information on how to apply, please contact your university, or head to our awards page for in depth criteria.